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Clearwater, Fl 3376

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About Us

    NY*Stage Productions Achieves Its Mission By Providing Young and Seasoned Artists And Artisans With The Opportunity To Grow By Creating Quality, Professional Productions.
   NY*Stage Productions operates theatrical performances and events ALL YEAR!
   Please explore our web site to learn more about what we offer. We’re happy you’ve visited us online, and we look forward to welcoming you at the theatre soon!

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The Theatre Grapevine

If you love local community theatre, be sure to subscribe to The Theatre Grapevine. This is  the must-read publication for all Clearwater area community theatre  lovers — actors and patrons alike. Find out what shows are being  produced, when and where auditions are being held, read reviews of  recent shows, and see behind-the-scenes photos of shows in rehearsal.  The  Theatre Grapevine sponsors the S.T.A.R. (Suncoast Theatre Alliance  Recognition) awards every fall. A subscription gives you the right to  vote for your favorites in every category and keeps you in the loop. A subscription is $28. Make your check payable to “The Theatre Grapevine” and mail it to: The Theatre Grapevine
PO Box 8547
Clearwater, FL 33758-8547 


Access Broadway 2018


Scholarship Winners: Rebekah and Katie

Broadway Star Award

Partners in Crime, Highest Score Acting duet/trio ages 12 and under


OVER-ALL High Scores

2nd Over All Vocals 8 & Under - Grace - Be kind to your parents

2nd Over All Vocals ages 9-10 - Ayva - Titanium

3rd Over All Acting Duet/Trio ages 13 and up - William and Lily - Improv

7th Over All Acting 12 and under - Ayva - The Ugly Step Sister


The Kingdom Pysch Improv

Be Kind to Your parents


Partners in Crime

Debut Division - Vocal Solo - HIGH GOLD

When will my life begin, Home, Journey to the past

Debut Division Vocal Solos - PLATINUM

Titanium, Be kind to your parents

Debut Division Acting Solos - HIGH GOLD

The Ugly Step Sister, The Prince's Complaint, Red

Debut Division Acting Duet - PLATINUM

The Kingdom Psych Improv

Debut Division Vocal Duet/Trio - PLATINUM

Partners in Crime

Access Broadway 2017


SCHOLORSHIP WINNERS: Ashlyn Baralt, Jayson Farrell, Ayva Rosenburg 

Debut Division - Vocal Solos - High Gold 

When I grow up, Wishing you Were somehow here again, Baby it's cold outside, Electricity, My Favorite Things 

Debut Division - Acting Solos - High Gold 

Daisy Faye and the Miracle man,   Dog Face, Red vs. the Wolf 

Debut Division - Duet Acting - Platinum 

A Little Improv 

Diva Division - Acting Solo - High Gold 

Much Madness

Diva Division - Vocal Solo - High Gold 

Time to Say Goodbye, In My Life 

Diva Division - Vocal Solo - Gold

Times Like This  

Overall High Score First Place Vocalist 


Overall High Score Third Place Acting

Dog Face   

Broadway Star Award  (must be the top 10 highest scores to be nominated, highest score wins) 

Nominations for Best Actor 

Dog Face, Much Madness, Red vs. the Wolf, A Little Improv   

Nominations for Best Vocalist

Time to Say Goodbye, Electricity, My Favorite Things   

Winner Best Vocal Solo 


Winner Best Duet/Trio Acting 

A Little Improv  

"Partners in Crime"

Access Broadway 2018
High Score
Overall Best duet/trio ages 12 and under
Broadway Star Award 

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22057 Us Route 19, Clearwater, Florida 33759, United States