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    NY*Stage Productions Achieves Its Mission By Providing Young and Seasoned Artists And Artisans With The Opportunity To Grow By Creating Quality, Professional Productions.
   NY*Stage Productions operates theatrical performances and events ALL YEAR!
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Honest life and career advice for aspiring young performers & their parents!


Renowned New York Talent Scout Peter Sklar knows a thing or two about helping aspiring child stars achieve success. His list of protégés includes TV and film veterans Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, Mischa Barton, as well as a wide array of current Broadway, TV, and film actors, singers and dancers.  Reality shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent have springboarded some of the most talented kids in the nation into super stardom. But with so much available talent, what really sets one kid apart from another? According to Sklar, any career- in or out of the arts- is about two things: self-image and health. He argues that these qualities outweigh looks, training, connections, and even talent, and apply universally.   “The people who sit behind the table are trying to decide two things: do they like you, and do they believe you,” Sklar tells young audiences. “If you don’t feel good about yourself mentally or physically, you won’t open up and show us who you really are. When that happens- no matter how smart you are, or what you’ve achieved, or what you look like- we’ve already lost interest.” He sums it up: “It’s about who you are as a human being.” In “Broadway & Beyond”, a lecture for students and their parents on Saturday, January 12th 6:00 pm at NY Stage Productions in Clearwater, FL, Sklar will explain why his views are in sync with the needs of top New York and Hollywood agents and casting directors, as well as college admission boards, and job interviewers in virtually all fields.   Alluding to a dramatic rise in self-destructive behavior, such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and eating disorders among so-called “happy” teens, Sklar marvels at how often these activities secretly co-exist with good grades, good behavior, and virtually every other outward sign of stability.  “The kids I interview are the smartest and most talented- the highest achievers in the nation,” proclaims Sklar. “And they’re too often the most unhappy, unhealthy, and least employable.” Sklar boasts an Ivy League pedigree, (Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University), formal training in concert piano, (Juilliard School of Music), and five decades of professional experience. He’s been the subject of multiple feature-length articles in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Kansas City Star and numerous others, was interviewed on E! True Hollywood Story, appeared as a guest expert on Donahue, and has had his work presented on the Bravo Channel, Good Morning America, and every major national television network.  He’s currently developing an original musical based on his experiences entitled “The Kid Who Played the Palace”, initially directed by the late William Martin, (Broadway’s “The Lieutenant”, recipient of five Tony Award nominations). “Broadway & Beyond” is open to children, teens, young adults, and parents. There is no charge for admission, but reservations are required. Nobody under age seven (7) will be admitted with or without a parent, and students under age eighteen (18) must attend with their own mother or father.   

WHEN: SATURDAY, JANUARY 12th 6:00 pm     

WHERE: NY Stage Productions   22057 US Highway 19 N. Clearwater, FL 3376 


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NEW Musical Theatre Summer Intensive 2019

Junior Session "The Little Mermaid"


Workshops and Auditions Begin Saturdays May 4, 11 & 18 9am – 10:30am

“The Little Mermaid”

May 27 - July 19 / Ages 6 -12  (Note *CLOSED July 4th & July 5th)

  • Mon-Fri 7:30am - 12:30pm
  • $

Performances: July 18 – 21st at 7:30PM, Tickets Available at the Box Office

Senior Session "Les Miserables"


Workshop and Auditions begin Saturdays May 4, 11 & 18 10:30am – Noon

“Les Misérables”

May 27 - July 24 / Ages 12 - 18  (Note *CLOSED July 4th & July 5th)

  • Mon-Fri 1pm - 6pm
  • $

Performances: July 25 – 28th at 7:30PM, Tickets Available at the Box Office

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Access Broadway 2018

Scholarship Winners: Rebekah and Katie

Broadway Star Award

Partners in Crime, Highest Score Acting duet/trio ages 12 and under


OVER-ALL High Scores

2nd Over All Vocals 8 & Under - Grace - Be kind to your parents

2nd Over All Vocals ages 9-10 - Ayva - Titanium

3rd Over All Acting Duet/Trio ages 13 and up - William and Lily - Improv

7th Over All Acting 12 and under - Ayva - The Ugly Step Sister


The Kingdom Pysch Improv

Be Kind to Your parents


Partners in Crime

Debut Division - Vocal Solo - HIGH GOLD

When will my life begin, Home, Journey to the past

Debut Division Vocal Solos - PLATINUM

Titanium, Be kind to your parents

Debut Division Acting Solos - HIGH GOLD

The Ugly Step Sister, The Prince's Complaint, Red

Debut Division Acting Duet - PLATINUM

The Kingdom Psych Improv

Debut Division Vocal Duet/Trio - PLATINUM

Partners in Crime

Access Broadway 2017

SCHOLORSHIP WINNERS: Ashlyn Baralt, Jayson Farrell, Ayva Rosenburg 

Debut Division - Vocal Solos - High Gold 

When I grow up, Wishing you Were somehow here again, Baby it's cold outside, Electricity, My Favorite Things 

Debut Division - Acting Solos - High Gold 

Daisy Faye and the Miracle man,   Dog Face, Red vs. the Wolf 

Debut Division - Duet Acting - Platinum 

A Little Improv 

Diva Division - Acting Solo - High Gold 

Much Madness

Diva Division - Vocal Solo - High Gold 

Time to Say Goodbye, In My Life 

Diva Division - Vocal Solo - Gold

Times Like This  

Overall High Score First Place Vocalist 


Overall High Score Third Place Acting

Dog Face   

Broadway Star Award  (must be the top 10 highest scores to be nominated, highest score wins) 

Nominations for Best Actor 

Dog Face, Much Madness, Red vs. the Wolf, A Little Improv   

Nominations for Best Vocalist

Time to Say Goodbye, Electricity, My Favorite Things   

Winner Best Vocal Solo 


Winner Best Duet/Trio Acting 

A Little Improv  

"Partners in Crime"

Access Broadway 2018
High Score
Overall Best duet/trio ages 12 and under
Broadway Star Award 

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