Services Offered

Services can be purchased through our BOX OFFICE.

  •  Youth Theatre 

The mission of the NYSTAGE Youth Theatre is to provide production-based theatre education opportunities for children ages 5-17 to grow and develop as performers. Therefore, each child who signs up for the class will participate as a performer in the production. Auditions take place at the end of the first day of class to assign roles, but every child who signs up for the class will be cast in the show in a performance capacity, whether that is a solo singing/speaking role or member of the ensemble. Any student with an interest in theatre is eligible for this program. We find that the varying degrees of talent is a plus for everyone involved, since much of our process is built on teaching the tools they need for a successful production.  The academies are set up so that the participants receive instruction in acting, movement, singing, and other forms appropriate for the show that has been selected. Participants rehearse with the director, music director, and choreographer. (Generally, Saturdays 1.5 hours Workshop, 1.5 Hours Rehearsal. Additional Rehearsals After School)  Education Fee: $285 per child ($165 per additional sibling)  

  • Self-Tape Auditions

You will be beautifully lit against a blue screen, rehearse and tape scenes.  You'll have time to review and choose your best take(s).  We then edit and compress your Self-Tape Audition to a user-friendly size and send your audition electronically to you.  You then forward the file to your agent and/or casting director. 60 mins of studio time - Price $75.  This includes an acting coach and 30 mins of taping plus time for playback and review.To schedule your Self-Tape Audition, please give us a call!   

  • Annual Performing Arts Adjudication, Competition and Workshop, Orlando FL

Access Broadway premiered in 1999 as the first, “all inclusive,” talent adjudication, competition and convention, featuring dance, acting and voice.   

Workshops in Theatre, Dance and Fine Art: (See the Box Office for Details) 

Theatre Studies Courses are designed to encourage you to solve problems in collaboration with others, to develop skills in critical thinking, and to communicate effectively with language, physical expression, and visual images. This focus on the development of artistic and intellectual skills, through study and production experience, helps prepare you for careers in the professional theater and in a variety of other fields.

  • Acting Workshops  
  • Audition Intensive Workshop 
  • Business of the Show Workshop for Parents 
  • Adult Improv Workshop  
  • Youth/Teen Improv Workshop  
  • Vocal Ensemble Workshop 
  • ROCK Your Resume Workshop 
  • Youth Monologue and Scene Study Workshop
  • Musical Theatre Workshop  
  • Technical Theatre Workshop 
  • Intro to Stage Make Up Workshop 
  • Private Lessons

Dance Workshops for Musical Theatre  

We frequently hear from Musical Theatre students in high school who lack confidence in their dance training and worry about how this will affect their chances for success down the road. 

Ballet training is necessary for working in Musical Theatre because choreography is given using French terms from ballet, which you must know at auditions and rehearsals. Professional auditions go by quickly, so you need to know the lingo that the choreographer or dance captain is spitting out. 

As a Musical Theatre performer, you’ll also need training in tap, jazz, theatrical (Broadway), ballroom (Standard and Latin), and even hip-hop. Partnering is another aspect of dance training that’s essential in Musical Theatre. Both the female and the male have certain roles they fulfill when partnering each other. You cannot guess or “fake it.” If you can’t partner, you could cause injury to the person with whom you are dancing.   

  • Tap Dance Workshop
  • Ballet/Tap Combo Workshop 
  • Hip Hop/Breakdance Combo Workshop 
  • Ballroom/Jazz Fusion Workshop 
  • Movement for Actors Workshop    

Career Consultation  


$250 for 2-hour session. The career consultation is a full comprehensive analysis of you and your professional career. overhaul This takes two hours because we look at EVERYTHING. The first step is for me to learn about you - who you are, where you came from, look at your personal history, schooling, training, experience, life challenges and goals and aspirations in your career. Once I get a feel for who you are, where you have been and where you are looking to go, then we start a rebuild of your entire marketing strategy and material choices based on YOU, not some cookie-cutter actor checklist.  We examine and redo (if needed) all the components of your "presentation" including your pictures, resume, comp cards, introduction letter and follow procedures. Then we get to the HEART of the overhaul, which is to work on your material choices.  Your material is the most important tool in your journey to success so you and I will do a lot of scene work together. You bring me what you have been using and then we will work on the material I think is right for you. We will work on material that fits and sells your "type". We will figure out where you fit into the market and how best to present yourself to casting directors, agents and managers.  We put it all together and you will leave knowing exactly what to change, fix, and do to move forward and with material that will serve you better than anything you ever had before. NOBODY offers this kind of comprehensive consultation. It is 2 hours long because we need that much time to cover everything. It's tough because I am honest and direct and I kick your butt to get you going in the right direction.     


$250 for 2-hour session, after your initial Career counselling session, you can meet with us again to continue working and strategizing together. Additionally, you receive Audition Coaching in this Session. We start the coaching with the material and work on the text, objective, pacing, tone etc. As a trained actor, I know how to guide you towards your best performance.    

Creative Team Building  

Why Team building? Team building events are designed to put participants into unfamiliar places, where the atmosphere is casual and in formal so your employees can act in a truer to self-manner adding to the effectiveness of the team building exercises and activities. With today’s technologically driven work environments, team members often feel isolated and compartmentalized, taking away from the productivity of human interaction and team work.    

  •    Building trusting relationships 
  •    Increasing communication skills 
  •    Creating team alignment
  •    Developing  positive people
  •    Encouraging team spirit
  •    Providing release through theatre & visual arts

Creative team building creates an anchor for each participant by allowing them the opportunity to express the way they think, make decisions and react during team building activities, thereby increasing further understanding of co-workers and strengthening relationships in the workplace.     

THE THEATRE BOX   Welcome to a way, way, “Off Broadway” team building session where business and theater meet on stage. The drama is high as theater troops create mini-productions around company products, business objectives or, conference themes. Then it’s Showtime as teams perform theatrical skits filled with music, romance, mystery and corporate comedy. THEATRE PROMOTES    Increases positive risk taking    Encourages time management    Stimulates creative thinking    Promotes individual talents    Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities     Encourages sequenced planning    Uses peers as resources    Strengthens positive team attitudes    Builds relationships    Simulates team decision making Teams are provided with a “Back Lot” Box, filled with costumes and a variety of dramatic props. The contents of each box are designed around popular themes or shows you choose. (Pirates, Cowboys, Wizard of Oz and many more!)As the lights dim our narrator will provide the introductions to this “Theatre in The Round” style. Then the actors will reveal hidden talents as they entertain each other soaking up the spotlight and delivering their lines. When the curtain falls our “Critics” will determine who gets the Superstar Awards and will be honored in the special awards celebration that follows.      

THE VISUAL ART BOX VISUAL ART PROMOTES     Increases creative expression    Exposes teams to new experiences     Stimulates strategic thinking     Encourages sequenced planning    Utilizes peers as resources    Strengthens positive team attitudes    Builds relationships    Simulates team decision making The Canvas Swap – Individual Canvas, Sort of… Each artist begins at his or her paint station with a blank canvas and begins painting following the instructor’s lead. Artists rotate and switch stations sitting at another canvas where they will pick up where the previous artist left off and paint until the next rotation.  Painters will take home the painting they finish on at the end.  This event will challenge all co-workers to pick up mid-project, assess current progress, analyze next steps, and evaluate how to move ahead towards a finished work of art.  Choose a picture for everyone to recreate in a fun and relaxed environment, and leave with works of art to hang in their office! The Big Picture - Group Canvas.  Each team will get one canvas with just part of the final image outlined on it. Challenge teams to make sections spanning more than one canvas the same color for a cohesive final product. Teams will have to figure out where their canvas fits within the whole, and work with other teams to decide on the color or, let teams pick their own colors for a fun, modern art interpretation.  When everyone’s done painting, the canvases can be arranged to make one large piece of art that can be donated to a charity of your choice. Our mission is to provide a Creative Team Building experience that will have a positive long term Effect on your unique business.   

Rent Our Space for Your Special Event


About Rentals


NY*Stage Productions provides an ideal place for your Wedding, Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday, Presentations, Auctions, Corporate Events and more! 

An affordable destination for your venue needs.

NY*Stage Theatre: Features a huge dance floor and space for a variety of special events. This spacious room can be transformed into a dramatic, breath-taking space with its high ceilings, overhead theater lighting and versatile sound system.

We offer 8 - 6 ft Rounds | 100 Redwood Folding Chairs | Table Linens


Cultivating Arts and Students Together

Love theatre? Need community service credits for school? Volunteer with  NY*Stage Productions C.A.S.T program.  C.A.S.T gives students the opportunity to get an in-depth learning experience that satisfies their passion while fulfilling their needs. The core of this program puts you right in the action! REQUIREMENTS:  

  • school student ages 13-19
  • have parental permission
  • complete and submit application 
  • commit to at least one performance
  • attend audition session


  • 2 free tickets for the current production
  • Production t-shirt
  • earn community service and volunteering credits

Lots of exciting things are happening at NY*STAGE! Shows, youth classes and special projects involve many people making the magic happen. Whether your talents lie onstage, backstage, in the office, or any of the numerous other volunteer positions we must fill, we think you'll find that NY*Stage is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!   

Contact us for application information:

Download an Application Toay!

C.A.S.T (docx)


Student Volunteer Application Form (pdf)