Creative Team Building

Creative Team Building for your Business or Group


Why Team building? Team building events are designed to put participants into unfamiliar places, where the atmosphere is casual and in formal so your employees can act in a truer to self-manner adding to the effectiveness of the team building exercises and activities. With today’s technologically driven work environments, team members often feel isolated and compartmentalized, taking away from the productivity of human interaction and team work.  

Building trusting relationships 

Increasing communication skills 

Creating team alignment

Developing positive people

Encouraging team spirit

Providing release through theatre & visual arts

Creative team building creates an anchor for each participant by allowing them the opportunity to express the way they think, make decisions and react during team building activities, thereby increasing further understanding of co-workers and strengthening relationships in the workplace. 



Welcome to a way, way, “Off Broadway” team building session where business and theater meet on stage. The drama is high as theater troops create mini-productions around company products, business objectives or, conference themes. Then it’s Showtime as teams perform theatrical skits filled with music, romance, mystery and corporate comedy. THEATRE PROMOTES Increases positive risk taking Encourages time management Stimulates creative thinking Promotes individual talents Emphasizes individual roles/responsibilities Encourages sequenced planning Uses peers as resources Strengthens positive team attitudes Builds relationships Simulates team decision making Teams are provided with a “Back Lot” Box, filled with costumes and a variety of dramatic props. The contents of each box are designed around popular themes or shows you choose. (Pirates, Cowboys, Wizard of Oz and many more!)As the lights dim our narrator will provide the introductions to this “Theatre in The Round” style. Then the actors will reveal hidden talents as they entertain each other soaking up the spotlight and delivering their lines. When the curtain falls our “Critics” will determine who gets the Superstar Awards and will be honored in the special awards celebration that follows. 



Increases creative expression Exposes teams to new experiences Stimulates strategic thinking Encourages sequenced planning Utilizes peers as resources Strengthens positive team attitudes Builds relationships Simulates team decision making The Canvas Swap – Individual Canvas, Sort of… Each artist begins at his or her paint station with a blank canvas and begins painting following the instructor’s lead. Artists rotate and switch stations sitting at another canvas where they will pick up where the previous artist left off and paint until the next rotation. Painters will take home the painting they finish on at the end. This event will challenge all co-workers to pick up mid-project, assess current progress, analyze next steps, and evaluate how to move ahead towards a finished work of art. Choose a picture for everyone to recreate in a fun and relaxed environment, and leave with works of art to hang in their office! The Big Picture - Group Canvas. Each team will get one canvas with just part of the final image outlined on it. Challenge teams to make sections spanning more than one canvas the same color for a cohesive final product. Teams will have to figure out where their canvas fits within the whole, and work with other teams to decide on the color or, let teams pick their own colors for a fun, modern art interpretation. When everyone’s done painting, the canvases can be arranged to make one large piece of art that can be donated to a charity of your choice. Our mission is to provide a Creative Team Building experience that will have a positive long term Effect on your unique business.